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3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Tween Who Loves Being The Center Of Attention

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Having trouble coming up with a birthday gift idea that your attention-seeking tween will love? Here are a few fun ideas that might just be right up their alley:

A Handheld Video Camera

Let your tween create their own world where everything is centered around them by giving them a handheld video camera for their birthday. With a video camera, they can record their daily lives and capture their favorite moments on camera before editing them and creating vibrant stories that put them front and center in the action. Make sure that the video camera you choose for your tween has Wi-FI capabilities so they can quickly and easily upload their videos to popular social media sites online and gain as much attention as they want.

On-Camera Acting Classes

If your tween has shown an interest in acting, or simply enjoys "hamming it up" in front of other people to garner attention and provide entertainment, they'll likely appreciate the opportunity to take part in on-camera acting classes. These types of classes will give your tween an opportunity to hone their current skills and learn lots of new ones, all while getting comfortable in front of the camera. They will make new friends who enjoy being the center of attention like they do, and they'll learn how to direct their need for attention in healthy ways that enhance their independence and self-esteem. Give your teen the gift of ongoing on-camera acting classes, and watch them morph into a confident, independent person who is ready to take on the world as the star that they are.

A Blogging Gift Package

Another fun way to surprise your tween for their birthday is to hook them up with everything they need to become a blogging sensation on the Internet. Give them a gift certificate to a hosting company so they can buy a domain name and set up hosting for their blog. Buy them a digital package of website templates and plugins they can use to customize their blog. And finally, provide them with some advertising money that can be used on social media sites and search engines to draw attention to their blog once it's up and running. They'll be able to share their passions with the world and maybe even learn how to make some money while doing it. 

These birthday gift ideas are sure to impress your tween and give them something to appreciate throughout the coming years. For more information on cameras and acting classes for your tween, check out companies like John Pallotta Studio today!